Thousands of visitors came last Friday to explore with Carinthian research scene. Every second year the University of Klagenfurt and the Lakeside Park invites all interested to come to the Long Night of Research to discover the latest developments in science done in the south of Austria. The Long Night of Research takes place throughout Austria, in Carinthia 87 institutes and companies showed there work.

Kinder und Erwachsene bei der Langen Nacht der Forschung 2016

Also, xamoom was proud to participate in this event. In the build! startup area we tried to answer the question:

How to connect the real world with the internet?

Forschungsfrage: Wie verbindet man die echte Welt mit dem Internet?

With two little, descriptive campaigns we tried to find answers to that question and show, how xamoom builds a bridge between real, physical objects and digital content.

Smart ad screens with iBeacons

iBeacons are small Bluetooth transmitters, that can be detected by a smart device, as soon as this one is nearby. This, for example, makes it possible that a smart ad screen can react to visitors passing. At the Long Night of Research, we used your ad screen as a digital Greetings-Wall.

Animated GIF: xamoom Grußbox

In front of the screen, we placed the xamoom greeting box, provided with a smart device. The box reacted on different colored hearts, put in the box. As soon as a heart was placed in the box, the screen showed the matching greeting line.

Digital enhanced greetings cards

In addition to the smart ad screen controlled with soft toys, we used a second campaign to show, how real physical objects and be connected with the internet. Visitors at the xamoom area were asked to create own digital enhanced greeting cards. Therefore, we used NFC chips and QR codes.

Such an NFC chip or QR code on the backside of the card makes it possible, to enhance analog paper cards with digital content like videos or animated pictures. Visitors had the possibility to bring their beloved own at home kind greetings from the Long Night of Research.

Digitale Grußkarte von xamoom bei der Langen Nacht der Forschung 2016

Thanks to all visitors for taking action at the xamoom are creating own greeting cards and for the interesting and exhilarating discussions. We are looking for the next Long Night of Research in two years!