The potential of smart packaging is enormous. In combination with the smartphone as well as QR codes and NFC tags, they not only enable better product-specific information and more attention. At the same time, they also provide a feedback channel to the manufacturer.

Customer success, brand awareness, consumer engagement ... these are not just buzzwords any longer, they are part of everyday marketing. In addition, at some point, all product packaging will become smart because the end of the EAN/UPC barcode is in sight.

The food manufacturer QimiQ (short for Quick Milk) from Salzburg has recently been using smart packaging and the mobile platform from xamoom. Michele Haindl (Marketing & Sales) reveals the reason for the step and shares QimiQ’s first experiences with it.

Q: Why is the cell phone important in communicating with your customers and end-users?
A: Hello? All of our customers always have their cell phones with them. The laptop is not there when they go shopping. With systems like yours, we are a bit more present. Communication today does not only mean having a website but also to be present at the point of sale and beyond. The smartphone is a great tool in marketing. This idea goes beyond shopping – the laptop is not there in the kitchen either.

Q: Are there studies on how often and intensely the smartphone is used while searching for recipes and cooking ideas?
A: I don't know any studies, but we have our own numbers. All I have to do is look at analytics and that tells me: Mobile is growing, mobile is tending to become more and more important. The relation between desktop, tablet, and smartphones is 10 : 30 : 60. So, 90 percent of our users are mobile. It also plays an increasingly important role in social media. Who googles for certain terms? And nowadays, magazines are read less often.

Q: At the start, there was a sweepstake: How did it go? Were you satisfied?
A: Yes, it was a week and we are very satisfied with the number of participants. I didn't think it was that much because it was our first time. The sweepstake was noticed by more people than actually participated. Even German fans wrote to us that they wanted to take part. They asked us when the new product packs would also be rolled out there.

The QimiQ consumer line-up

Q: You have just started rolling out the new packs. What are the further plans for mobile?
A: Indeed, the QimiQ Whip packs came first, QimiQ Classic and QimiQ Classic Vanilla will follow, and all the others too. We can now communicate specifically about each product and change the content at any time we feel it is necessary. Our plans will bring more consumer information and customer success articles. In between, we will certainly hold sweepstakes again. The product-specific information on different SKUs and distributing recipes on yet another channel is very important to us because our customers include consumers as well as commercial and industrial companies in the hotel, restaurant, and catering (HoReCa) sector.

Q: You also export to various markets. How important is multilingual communication to you?
A: Right. We deliver to the USA, Central, and South America, Asia. We have customers all over Europe, but also in Saudi Arabia, Japan, or the Caribbean. We supply 40 countries in total. So, it’s very important.

An image of Michele Haindl

„xamoom is super easy to use and allows for quick changes. I can display customer information today and organize a sweepstake tomorrow. That flexibility is great for us.“
Michele Haindl, Marketing & Sales, QimiQ GmbH

Michele Haindl

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