Vienna Autoshow: At the largest retrospective of the industry more than 40 dealers show their latest models and the audience’s favorites. It’s a hard fight to get attention. Therefore, Mazda Austria relies on mobile marketing.

The following video shows a short flashback to the Vienna Autoshow. It is only available in German.

Mobile Marketing: How to get seen

Smartphone at the Mazda booth showing information

2016 is the second time Mazda puts its trust in mobile marketing at their main event of the year with technology from xamoom. “Mazda stands for new technologies and innovation. Of course, we want our marketing there as well. It’s 2016, and for us, mobile marketing is a must,” explains Tamara Scheiflinger of the Marketing Team Mazda Austria. The mobile phone is a constant companion. Whoever succeeded to come onto the screen, is sure to be seen: Because many pay most attention precisely to their smartphone.

Multimedia and less likely to land in the trash

Booth girl showing Mazda calendar with NFC and QR

A small wallet calendar, as offered by Mazda (“This way Mazda stays with the customer throughout the whole year”), is always there and does not end up in the trashcan right after the exhibition like so many other heavy catalogs. Initial evaluation shows that the amount of scans of the calendar keeps on rising even after the trade fair.

In addition, communication on mobile phones is multimedia. If the NFC chip or QR code is scanned at the back of the check card calendar, the user is forwarded to a user-friendly page that fits the smartphone screen. There he can see more pictures and videos, as well as other available interactive elements, such as the opportunity to make an appointment for a test drive.

Good experience with mobile marketing

Mazda calendars with qr and nfcTamara Scheiflinger knows that mobile marketing is not just the future, but already an effective communication channel: “We have noticed last year that a lot of visitors have used the technology, therefore the decision was made to promote the mobile way again this year.” The reputation of QR Code and NFC chip is not good, but the experience of Mazda shows: If the technique is used correctly, many people can be reached in a simple way.
To succeed with QR Code and NFC chip, the user must not be disappointed. There are many stumbling blocks. But if you consider these two important facts, not much can go wrong.

  1. Responsive content: The retrieved content has to look nice, and be displayed in a legible and user-friendly way on the mobile phone
  2. The right content: When you stand in front of the car, you don’t need another picture of the car on the mobile phone, instead you want added value: a video, the possibility to arrange a test drive, etc.

Go with the time – promote in a mobile way

Smartphone with interactive calendar at Mazda booth

The smartphone has, like no other medium before, greatly influenced our lives in recent years. These changes need to also be considered in marketing. New communication channels require to be present at the mobile phone of the customer. Mazda has shown at the Vienna Auto Show, how that can work with the technology of xamoom.

If you want to test it for yourself, how you can use a QR code, NFC chip, and geo-fence to communicate with your customers, you can get in contact with us via